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Characteristics of the material 20832.

Material : 20832
Classification : Electrotechnical unalloyed steel

Chemical composition in % of the material 20832 .
C Si Mn
max   0.04max   0.3max   0.3

Magnetic properties of the material 20832 .
Assortment Dimension Hc μmax P1.0/50 P1.5/50 B100 B500 B1000 B2500 B5000 B10000 B30000
- mm A/m - W/kg W/kg A/m A/m A/m A/m A/m A/m A/m
Sheet 0.7 - 3.9 32 6.3       1.38 1.5 1.62 1.71 1.81 2.05

Technological properties of the material 20832 .
  Weldability: without limitations.

Specification :

Magnetic properties :
Hc - Coercive force [ A/m ]
μmax - Magnetic permeability [ ]
P1.0/50 - Maximum specific total loss at [ W/kg ]
B100 - Minimum magnetic flux density T for H, [ А/m ]

Weldability :
without limitations - welding is done without heating and subsequent heat treeting
limited weldability - welding is possible under heating up to 100-120 grade and subsequent heat treeting
hard weldability - obtaining the quality welding needs the additional operations:heating up to 200-300 grade; the heat treeting ia annealing

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