Database of Steel and Alloy (Marochnik)


Standard for steel pipe

    Steel pipe   ( 51 )
    GOST 550     Seamless steel tubes for petroleum processing and petrochemical industry
    GOST 631     Internal-external upset drill pipes with couplings
    GOST 632     Casing pipes with couplings
    GOST 633     Tubing pipes and couplings for them
    GOST 800     Bearing tubes
    GOST 1060     Steel seamless hot-deformed tubes for shipbuilding
    GOST 2936     Palne-oval seamless radiator tubes
    GOST 3262     Water-supply and gas-supply steel pipes
    GOST 5005     Electro-welded cold-deformed steel pipes for cardan shafts
    GOST 5654     Steel seamless cold-deformed tubes for shipbuilding
    GOST 6238     Casing and coring pipes for geology-exploring drilling and nipples for them
    GOST 6856     Special section steel pipes
    GOST 7909     Drill prospecting pipes and sockets for them
    GOST 8639     Square steel tubes
    GOST 8642     Oval steel tubes
    GOST 8644     Flat-sided oval steel tubes
    GOST 8645     Rectangular steel tubes
    GOST 8467     Steel drill pipes for core drilling
    GOST 8696     General-purpose electrically-welded spiral seam steel pipes
    GOST 8731     Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes
    GOST 8732     Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes
    GOST 8733     Seamless cold-deformed and thermal-deformed steell pipes
    GOST 8734     Seamless steel tubes cold deformed
    GOST 9567     Precision steel tubes
    GOST 9583     Cast iron pressure pipes made by centrivugal and semi continuous casting method
    GOST 9940     Seamless hot deformed tubes made of corrosion resistant steel
    GOST 9941     Seamles cold and warm deformed tubes made of corrosion resistant steel
    GOST 10498     Especially thin-wailed seamless tubes from corrosion resistant steel
    GOST 10704     Electrically welded steel line-weld tubes
    GOST 10705     Electrically welded steel tubes
    GOST 10706     Electrically welded steel line tubes
    GOST 10707     Steel cold formed electrically welded tubes
    GOST 11017     Steel ceamless tubes for high pressure service
    GOST 11068     Electrically tubes made of corrosion resistant steel
    GOST 11249     Steel rolled up soldered double-layer tubes
    GOST 12132     Electrowelded and seamless steel tubes for automotive and bicycle industries
    GOST 13663     Shaped steel tubes
    GOST 14162     Steel tubes of small dimensions (capillary)
    GOST 19277     Seamless steel tubes for oil and fuel lines
    GOST 20295     Steel welded pipes for main gas-and-oil pipelines
    GOST 21729     Cold-deformed and hot-deformed structural carbon and alloyed steel tubes
    GOST 22786     Bimetalic seamless tubes for ship-building
    GOST 24030     Corrosion-resistant steel seamless tubes for power engineering industry
    GOST 26250     Drill pipes for borehole tools with removable core lifts
    GOST 30563     Seamless cold-worked carbon and alloy steel tubes for special purposes
    GOST 30564     Seamless hot-worked carbon and alloy steel pipes and tubes with special properties
    GOST 50278     Drill pipes with weld-on tool joints
    GOST 51245     Steel universal drill rods
    GOST 51510     Geological research drill rods
    GOST 51682     Casing and coring tubes for geology-exploring drilling
    GOST 51776     Double tube core barrels for exploration drilling


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