Database of Steel and Alloy (Marochnik)


Standard for steel wire

    Steel wire   ( 39 )
    GOST 285     Barbed monobasic fluted wire
    GOST 792     Wire of low carbon quality
    GOST 839   Провода неизолированные для воздушных линий электропередач
    GOST 1071     Heat-treated steel spring wire
    GOST 1526     Steel zine-coated wire electrik wire and cable armouring
    GOST 1668     Steel zinc-coated wire for aerial communication lines
    GOST 2246     Welding steel wire - analogous to BS 4165-84, BS 2901-83
    GOST 2771     Cold-drawn round wire
    GOST 3110     Steel spoke wire
    GOST 3282     Low-carbon steel wire for general purposes - analogous to DIN 177-88, BS 1052-80 (443-80)
    GOST 3875     Steel card wire
    GOST 3920     Tinned steel cable wire
    GOST 4727     Bearing wire
    GOST 5437     Reed wire
    GOST 5663     Cold heading carbon steel wire
    GOST 5468     Needle wire
    GOST 6727     Hard drawh low-carbon steel wire for reinforced concrete
    GOST 7348     Carbon steel wire for reinforcement of prestressed concrete constructions
    GOST 7372     Steel wire for ropes - analogous to DIN 2078-90, BS 2763-82
    GOST 7480     Polygraphic wire
    GOST 9124     Tinned band steel wire
    GOST 9389     Carbon steel spring wire - analogous to DIN 17223.1-84, BS 5216-75, ASTM A 227 / A 227M-83
    GOST 9850     Zink-coated steel core wire for conductors
    GOST 10543     Surfacing steel wire
    GOST 11850     Steel wire for spring washers
    GOST 12766     High electric resistance wire of precision alloys
    GOST 14118     Wire from precision alloys for elastic elements
    GOST 14311     Steel cord
    GOST 14953     Alloy steel spring wire
    GOST 14963     Alloy steel spring wire
    GOST 15598     Steel musik wire
    GOST 15892     Tie zinc-coated steel wire for aerial communications
    GOST 16135     Steel wire for electronic computers
    GOST 17305     Wire for carbon constructional steel
    GOST 18143     High alloy rust and heet resisting steel wire
    GOST 26366     Brass-plated steel wire for bead rings of tyres
    GOST 30136     Carbon steel wire rods of common quality
    GOST 50556   Проволока стальная для механических пружин
    GOST 50567     Steel wire for mechanical springs cold-drown carbon steel.


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