Database of Steel and Alloy (Marochnik)


Standard for steel sections

    Steel sections   ( 24 )
    GOST 4781     Hot-rolled steel shapes for sheet piles
    GOST 5157     Hot-rolled steel sections for different purposes
    GOST 5210     Rolled sections of tool steel for files, rasps, chisels and cape chisels
    GOST 5267     Hot - rolled sections for car building. General specification
    GOST 5422     Hot-rolled special steel sections for tractors
    GOST 5521     Rolled steel for shipbuilding
    GOST 6713     Low-alloyed structural rolled stock for bridge building
    GOST 7511     Steel sections for window and lantern transoms and window panels of industrial buildings
    GOST 8282     Bent-steel C-shaped equal flange sections
    GOST 8283     Bent-steel hat equal sections
    GOST 9234     Steel bent sheet sections with trapezoid-shaped corrudation
    GOST 9235     Hot-rolled steel symmetrical bulb for shipbuilding
    GOST 10551     Steel roll-formed corrugated sections
    GOST 11474     Bent-steel sections
    GOST 12492     Agricultural machinery. Rolled steel. General specifications
    GOST 13229     Bent-steel Z-shared sections
    GOST 14635     Steel cold-shaped special profiles for wagonbuilding
    GOST 17152     Steel hot-rolled shapes for cutting blades of earth- moving machines
    GOST 18662     СВП hot-rolled section for mine timbering
    GOST 19442     Controur bars for blades and bars for coupling blades of steam turbines made out of corrosion - resistant and heat-resistant steel
    GOST 21937     Hot-rolled steel unsymmetrical bulb for shipbuilding
    GOST 25577     Steel roll-formed closed welded square and rectangular sections.
    GOST 30245     Steel bent closed welded square and rectangular section for building
    GOST 30565     Hot-rolled steel shapes for machine-building in chemical engineering and oil industry.


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