Database of Steel and Alloy (Marochnik)


Standard for non-ferrous sheet, plate, band, strip

    Non-ferrous sheet, plate, band, strip   ( 28 )
    GOST 495     Copper sheets and ribbons
    GOST 598     General-purpose zinc sheets
    GOST 931     Brass shetts and strips
    GOST 1048     Strips of aluminium for springs
    GOST 1150     Boiler zinc plates
    GOST 1761     Tin-phosphorus and tin-zinc bronze ribbons and strips
    GOST 1789     Beryllium bronze strips and ribbons
    GOST 2205     L-90 tapes and strips plating
    GOST 4442     Bands and strips of lead brass
    GOST 4748     Silicon-manganese bronze strip and ribbons
    GOST 5063     Ribbons of cupro-nickel alloys
    GOST 5362     Brass ribbons
    GOST 6235     Strips and ribbons of nickel
    GOST 7221     Strips of gold, silver and their alloys
    GOST 9559     Lead sheets
    GOST 10703     Aluminium sheets for hraphic arts industry
    GOST 15471     Strips and ribbons oxygen-free copper for electronics
    GOST 15885     Tin-zinc-lead bronze ribbons and strips
    GOST 17232     Aluminium and aluminium alloys plates
    GOST 19739     Strips from silver solders
    GOST 21631     Sheets of aluminium alloys
    GOST 21990     Magnesium alloys plates
    GOST 22178     Titanium and titanium alloys sheets
    GOST 22635     Magnesium allous sheets
    GOST 23755     Plates of titanium and titanium alloys
    GOST 23886     Cadmium sheets and plates
    GOST 24718     Strips of platinum, palladium, their alloys, iridium and rhodium
    GOST 25442     Molibdenum annealed strips for deep drawing


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