Database of Steel and Alloy (Marochnik)


Standard for non-ferrous wire

    Non-ferrous wire   ( 26 )
    GOST 434     Copper rectangular wire and bars for electrical use
    GOST 1049     Manganese nickel wire
    GOST 1066     Brass wire
    GOST 1790     Wire of chomel, alumel, copel and constantan for thermoelectrodes of thermoelectrical transducers
    GOST 1791     Nickel an copper-nickel alloys wire for extension leads for thermoelectric temperature transdusers
    GOST 2179     Nickel and siliceous nickel wire
    GOST 3822     Bimetallic copper-steel wire
    GOST 4752     Copper cylinder wire
    GOST 5220     Nickel silar wire
    GOST 5221     Tin-zinc bronze wire
    GOST 5222     Silicon-manganese bronze wire
    GOST 5307     Constant noninsuloted wire
    GOST 5529     Brass round wire for shoe industry
    GOST 7222     Wire of gold, silver and their alloys
    GOST 7871   Проволока сварочная из алюминия и алюминиевых сплавов
    GOST 12920     Brass wire for cold upsetting
    GOST 13073     Zinc wire
    GOST 13843     Rod aluminium wire
    GOST 14838     Wire out of aluminium and aluminium for cold upsetting
    GOST 15834     Wire of beryllium bronze
    GOST 16130     Welding wire and rods copper alloys
    GOST 19703     Brass wire of lead grade ЛС63-3
    GOST 19746     Wire from silver solders
    GOST 20967     Aluminium alloy rolled wire
    GOST 22666     Copper wire and kopel alloy wire for low-temperature thermoelectrical transducers
    GOST 27265     Titanium and titanium alloys filler wire


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