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Education in Ukraine

In 2005 Ukraine joined to Bolonga Process.
If you want to spent minimal sum of money in preparing and have high quality
the best variant to study in state universities of Ukraine.
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Welcome to the National Technical University 'Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute' (NTU 'KhPI')
            National Technical University 'KhPI'   is the first technical higher educational institution in Ukraine. It was founded in 1885 as a practical institute of technology.
            Today   NTU 'KhPI'   is the biggest in the Eastern and Southern Ukraine amount of licensed enrollment. University has the higher IV level of accreditation and trains specialists in 89 specialties at the full-time department and in 55 specialties at the department for instruction by correspondence.

            The Faculty of Physical Engineering was founded in 1930 to resolve the important scientific, research and technological problems related to industry development.
            The main advantage of the faculty specialties is availability of successfully combined system for training the specialists and research staff of a top qualification. This system had been forming for many years with diversity of possible lines of application of the obtained knowledge and skills.
            All the departments of the faculty train specialists in the line Mathematics and Information Technology, therefore the mathematical and computer training play the governing part in our education. The academics of a top qualification - among them are academician of National Academy od Sciences, 3 State Prize Winners, 10 professors, doctors of sciences and more than 50 candidates of sciences and docents - make every effort to train the new generation of future scientists and research engineers in the field of Mechanics, Applied Mathematics and Information Technology.
            The basic directions of the scientific activity in the Faculyuof Physical Engineering are: contemporary problems of Theoretical, Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Reliability and Optimization of Machines, Devices and Structures; optimization and Optimal Control of moving objects and technological processes; research, design, operation of Automated Control Systems; research and development of the methods, algorithms, applied software packages and software systems.

                Faculty of Physical Engineering involves six departments:
  1. Dynamics and Strength of Machines
  2. Control Systems and Processes
  3. Gas-Hydromechanics and Heat-Mass Transfer
  4. Applied Mathematics
  5. Strength of Materials
  6. Theoretical Mechanics
            The departments of the faculty carry out the training process and do scientific research in cooperation with the universities and scientific and technical organizations of the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Federal Republic of Germany, Russian Federation, Peoples Republic of China, Italy, Poland and other countries. The students who have been trained in the specialties of Dynamics and Strength and Design Information Technologies since 2001 do practical work at German universities in the cities of Magdeburg, Dresden and Halle (BRD). Several post graduated students are involved in Postdoctoral Fellowships in Germany (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg), Canada (McGill University), Italy (Parma and Modena University), Poland (University of Lublin) etc.
Contact information:
Address: Dean Dr. Dmitry Breslavsky,
National Technical University KhPI, 21 Frunze Str.,Kharkov, 61002,UKRAINE
Phone: +380 57 70 76 058

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